Sooke Hills Wilderness Contacts

talking points
  • absolutely no new roadways through the Sooke Hills Wilderness Park or any contiguous CRD protected lands that act as critical wildlife habitats and buffer zones for our regional water supply
  • more funding for the CRD’s Land Acquisition Fund that helps expand the region’s stock of green spaces and wilderness areas for a robust regional park system to be cherished for generations to come!
  • in the midst of climate crisis and in light of the fact that the CRD has claimed a climate emergency, we cannot be devouring more wilderness areas for roadways or new developments – these forests are important carbon sinks and help our regional efforts in striving for carbon neutrality
  • we need to agree on and establish a sustainable regional transportation plan with public consultation and full transparency  
secondary points
  • Improve safety on the Malahat by enhancing public transit options and testing an Interval-Based Speed Enforcement System.
  • Implement more efficient and safer procedures to minimize delays after crashes on the Malahat, including expanding ferry travel options. 


Regional Water Supply Commission
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CRD Parks and Environment Committee
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Provincial Government
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Remaining CRD Directors
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